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Pamela Souza

Pamela Souza directs an active laboratory whose members study aspects of aging, cognition, and speech perception. Her research interests include use of signal-processing amplification which affects acoustic speech cues, how those changes interact with listener age and cognitive status, and how research findings in this area can direct clinical practice. Recent collaborative research includes older listeners’ perception of segmental and prosodic cues to speech transmitted via hearing aids and/or cochlear implants; consequences of loss of spectral (pitch) selectivity; and how regional dialect differences affect speech recognition. Dr. Souza is a Fellow of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association. Her work has been supported by the National Institutes of Deafness and Communication Disorders and the Department of Veterans Affairs. She is also a practicing clinical audiologist who has worked with patients ranging from pediatric to geriatric populations, including nearly 15 years as a VA audiologist.

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